About Alexa Grant

Sales Representative

When interviewing a real estate agent have you ever asked them why they picked real estate as a career? Or do you just ask them how much your home is worth and how much is it going to cost to sell it? I think it is important in any line of business, especially dealing with the largest investment of your life, to ask why the person you choose to help you purchase or sell a home is that line of work. Do you want the real estate agent who is selling real estate because they only care about the commission cheque or the real estate agent who loves their job? Motivation is very key to understanding why people do what they do. Of course, someone is going to be motivated to sell a home for the commission cheque but can you imagine if they were motivated for the commission cheque and because they actually love their job? Which agent would you choose? 

I want to tell you my story and explain why I made the decision to enter real estate. 

Every week as a young girl I used to rush to the real estate section of the newspaper and scan all the ads. I would point out my mother each house I recognized and study the flyer each week, waiting for those houses I recognized to sell. This started at the age of four. When it came time to get a job I started, as most youth do, at McDonald’s. My dad told me if I could work at McDonald’s I could work anywhere. He was right. I spent two years working at the grease pit of the world dealing with all walks of people and having the "the customer is always right" mentality entrenched in my brain, influencing the way I work.

I soon took to fashion and started working at the local mall in retail. This is when I discovered I really enjoy sales and marketing. I loved helping people find the perfect outfit they had been searching for.

It came time for college and I left the small town of Napanee and went off the "big" city of Ottawa where I enrolled in Algonquin College for Business Management. While completing my studies I served tables. I then felt the calling to come home, as I missed the beautiful calm country side. At 22 my dad suggested I enter into the family business of Insurance. My dad had long sold our family insurance company (George A Grants Insurance) but had suggested I still try and make my own way in the industry. I obtained a reception position and, in a short time, was licensed as a Registered Insurance Broker of Ontario. I then became a Customer Service Representative. I asked the business owner if I could ever enter into a sales position and he told me that, "If I proved myself and worked very hard for 1 year we could have a talk about becoming a sales person." I worked very hard that year expanding my book of business, bringing in new cliental and learning everything I could about the industry. After a year passed I went to my boss and asked him for a sales position and he said to me, "there was simply no room for another sales person and a majority of his sales staff were men he didn’t have many women in sales." Horrified at his response I soon decided to end my career in insurance. I didn’t mind insurance but I didn’t feel that there would be any opportunities for advancement.

I then started researching into a career in real estate. I first approached my father about the idea and he was disappointed that I no longer wanted to pursue a career in the family business. Initially he commented that, "No honest person can sell real estate." This proved as further motivation to prove him wrong. I began my career in real estate by working in an administrative role to make sure it was the right industry for me. During that time I completed my courses and had to decide whether to join a pre-established real estate team or venture out on my own. The odds of being successful in real estate on my own at such a young age were not very high. I beat the odds. On average, real estate agents in our area sell approximately six houses per year. My numbers speak to my success. During my first year I sold eleven houses. 

I had a strong listing package and in my first listing presentation ever I was able to beat out three other top agents from the area. One of my clients was a former real estate agent and commented that my passion and confidence made me well suited for the job. I knew then that I had found my niche. You see, 80% of the population does not like their job and work their jobs for the sole purpose of paying the bills. I am part of that other 20% that loves their job. The pay cheque, for me is an added bonus and is not the sole reason why I am a real estate agent. I simply love my job and can’t say enough about it. I love going around to all the homes and seeing all the different architectural designs, the interior fashions and décor. But the most exciting part is the look on a buyer’s face when I helped them find "the house" or the gratitude I receive when I help someone sell their home. It is truly rewarding to help someone begin a new journey in their life. 

I am proud to be a real estate agent in the Belleville, Prince Edward County, Napanee, Kingston and Quinte West area. If you would like to know more and, of course all the fancy features and marketing strategies to help you get the maximum dollar for your home or help assist you in finding a home, give me a call. I would love to meet with you.